Since 1978 working in the cold chain, we manufacture a variety of 30 models of of contact board freezers for the food industry in various segments, among them we can highlight meat, fish, fruit, juices, vegetables, crustaceans, fast food, bread and others.

Our main products are the contact board freezers, the ice in flakes machine and the ammonia centrifugal pump of 4.000 to 65.000 liters/hour, all Frigostrella’s products are of own manufacture and 100% national, besides owning a network of national authorized technical assistance which ensures fast and efficient service.

We export for several contries such as: Exportamos para diversos países como: Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, the United States, Paraguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Singapore, Angola, Argentina, among others.


Offer customized products for refrigeration, always looking to innovate and bring intelligent solutions providing the very best in the market, generating satisfactory results.


Stablish ourselves in the market as the best company in the field of refrigeration and bring our clients closer to solutions for their needs and thus be able to achieve our ultimate goal: EXCELLENCE!


Our values direct us to achieve excellence through customer respect, appreciation of our employees, good relationships with suppliers, responsibility. quality and integrity in everything we do.


With the guarantee of maintaining the quality, the equipment is designed and developed entirely by a highly qualified and trained internal staff, through outsourcing manufacturing policy we can speed the process, which creates tranquility to customer service, as well as certain of the continuity of the product.
Spare parts production line
Keep spare parts in stock guarantees prompt service and a SLA that meets the needs of the companies which make use of our equipment.


Our company set as quality management system policy, environment and health, and occupational safety:

  • Overcoming our customer’s necessity and expectations
  • Attending our client’s requirements as well as applicable legal requirements
  • Improving frequently our products, process and services
  • Protecting the environment and avoiding pollution
  • Security and health to our employees.


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